Andy Warren

Andrew D. Warren, Ph.D.

Senior Collections Manager

McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity

Florida Museum of Natural History

University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida, USA

Twitter @AndyBugGuy

Andy Warren conducts research on the systematics, biogeography, biodiversity, ecology and evolution of butterflies and moths, with a focus on skipper butterflies (family Hesperiidae), in collaboration with students and researchers worldwide.  An updated list of Andy’s publications can be found here.

Andy has been the Senior Collections Manager at the McGuire Center since January, 2010.  Here, Andy maintains the Lepidoptera collections, coordinates the integration of new material into the collections, curates families that require major reorganization, helps coordinate the transportation of new accessions, sends and receives loans, and organizes special displays and events featuring the collection.  He also oversees numerous technicians and volunteers, hosts and assists visitors to the collection, and answers inquiries from researchers and the public, among other activities.

If you’re a butterfly fan, check out the Butterflies of America website, a collaborative effort Andy initiated in 2008 which has developed into the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of butterfly images.  More information on Andy can be found in this interview, as well as in stories about some of his recent discoveries, including the Pink-spot Sulphur Butterfly in Florida, a new genus of skipper from Jamaica, and a new Owl Butterfly from Mexico.

One of Andy’s ongoing research projects involves investigating the chemical mimicry system that certain spiders have evolved to attract male moths, so they can eat them!  More information on this to come…

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